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Outsourcing - nothing is impossible

Since 01 September 2006 we are able not only to offer a comprehensive portfolio of inhouse services but also, together with our new logistics partners, a wide spectrum of outsourcing services with quick and economic solutions.

Logisticjob.com provides customer-specific logistics solutions that go beyond the usual palette on offer: tailored special solutions, elaborate special operations, cost-intensive individual jobs or processing of small quantities.

Logisticjob.com is a logistics service provider and handles storage, packing and labeling tasks as well as factoring and goods dispatch through to worldwide freight, project-related assembly of sub-components and final assembly.

Our outsourcing service from A to Z

• Promotion processing• Labeling• Packing service
• Goods-out control• Factoring• Palette wrapping
• Delivery• Branch distribution• Palette parking
• Container management• Handling• Paletting
• Consultancy• Controlling service• Placing supervision
• Ordering• Commissioning• Price marking
• Call centers• Confectioning• Quality control
• Container parks• Warehouse management• Returns management
• Display erection• Empties disposal• Tour planning
• Resource allocation• Merchandising• Pre-assembly
• Goods-in check• Neutralisation• Warehousing
• Unloading• Outsourcing services• Loading and filling

Please use our contact form to obtain further information on outsourcing services at Logistikjob.de.

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