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Logistics consultancy

Logistics consultancy - simpler – quicker – better

Our consultancy includes an analysis and implementation of your internal and external logistics projects with making the processes even more complicated as they already are.

Cost minimisation, rationalisation, efficiency and competitivity in all parts of the Company are all permanent topics for you; in logistics though they are often neglected because, through lack of know-how, savings and optimisation potential are not realised.

To optimise and bring these areas up-to-date, Logisticjob.com advises in the segment of integrate logistics. The practice-oriented know-how and the solid foundation of your specific industry knowledge that has grown over the years form a significant part of the consultancy.

Under the term 'logistics optimisation' we understand for example: performance gain through modular preparation and specialization with subsequent performance-related wages/bonus systems, reduction of the warehouse turnover and progression times, savings through reduction of logistics costs, permanent freight controlling, cost reduction through personnel utilization and reduction using flexible working hours models and effects from the catalog of measures, highest possible loading of transport, introduction and maintenance of ISO certification.

The benefits and effects:
- optimize workflow, time usage and processes
- achieve methodical improvements
- improve warehouse turnover
- reduce progression and processing times
- increase the quality in the company
- increase productivity
- achieve cost savings

Do you need qualified logistics consultancy in your Company? Then make contact with us HERE right now.

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